Financial Arrangements

Payment is encouraged at the time services are performed to help control billing cost, overhead and affordable fees. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards. When extensive dental care is necessary or when dental insurance is involved, other financial arrangements may be made with our receptionist. Our primary concern is your dentistry. Nonetheless, we will be sensitive to your financial circumstance within the framework of sound business practices.

A Word About Dental Insurance

In our office we accept most dental insurance plans. Our insurance department will prepare the necessary forms to send to your insurance company as a courtesy to you. Please have in mind that your plan may have an annual allowance which does not accumulate for the next year if it is not used. Many insurance plans today cover 100% of preventive care services. That makes the preventive care not only the healthiest way to go, but also the most cost effective. We recommend that you check with your insurance company about the specifics of your plan.

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Patients Testimonials
I've seen quite a few dentists over the years.  It's really hard to find one that doesn't try to shove a sale down my throat every time I go there (not even just in LA, back home in Pennsylvania my dentist tried to sell me whitening, straightening, even...I kid you not, **tooth lengthening** after almost every single session).
Dr. Lilly and her team are straight forward, but not pushy.  The only thing she recommended was a night guard, and since I know I've been grinding my teeth at night for years, that wasn't surprising.  it's probably about time I stop putting that off anyway.
I've tried different whitening products over the years (both behind the counter and through other dentists) but they all just ended up making my teeth really sensitive and bringing out a line on my lower teeth that was caused by braces I had when I was a teen.  I asked the staff at Dr. Lilly's about whitening, and instead of taking the easy sale opportunity to say "oh, we have this great/super expensive whitening package we can sell you" they simply recommended adding baking soda to my brushing regimen.  WHY have no other dentists ever recommended that simple idea before?!
Emily H. Los Angeles, CA